Boba Jam

Boba Jam

Boba Jam.

when I first saw this shop, I was  passing by, but I saved it to the places I want to visit.  So next time, we arranged to have breakfast.

Boba Jam is an East Asian fusion cafe with traditional bubble milk tea and popular south east Asian desserts, many made without dairy products. 

We were quite confused about what to order. The menu had pictures of every dessert so we decided based on the pictures we liked. We ordered a Raindrop Cake (that is jelly cake served with soybean flour and golden brown sugar syrup) and a Nana Berry (Slices of strawberry and banana with chocolate ice cream and almond flakes piled high on a tower of thick brioche toast which is served with chocolate sauce). For a drink I had a Strawberry & Mango Fruity Smoothie with aiyu jelly and fresh fruit. It was heavenly!

Most of all, it impressed me how photogenic this place was! I snapped many pictures and I loved almost all of them, which is not always the case!

Diet can start from Monday! 

Until next time ❤