I”ve passed by Tostado twice in the past but every time it was full of people, I couldn’t find a seat. So last time, I couldn’t believe my eyes that it was actually empty. It was Saturday morning when we decided to taste the Ecuadorian breakfast in Soho. 

We visited the shop about half hour before it got full again with people. I was sure I had made the right choice about this. All recipes are based on their 93 years old mama Pia own recipes so that she can “leave behind a lasting memory of a lifetime’s worth of love for cooking”. And I am very grateful for this legacy! We ordered an Ecuadorian breakfast that consists of Chorizo, Bacon, Egg, Llapingacho (Potato Cheese Pattie) & Avocado. And yes, it was delicious! Next time I will visit to eat soup and ceviche, one the country’s specialities.

The moment that we left this cute little restaurant, it was again full of people. But this time at least, I left happy, having tasted a bit of the Ecuadorian cuisine 💕

Until next time ♥