Deep Purple The Long Goodbye Tour

Deep Purple The Long Goodbye Tour

Deep Purple The Long Goodbye Tour.

One of the things I am feeling grateful about living in London, is that it can offer some unique experiences in everyday life without even trying too hard. It was Wednesday evening when I saw that Deep Purple were performing live in London the following day, 23rd November.

To be honest I didn’t  even know they were still touring, but given the fact that it’s one of the most iconic bands in the history of rock and that I would have the chance to see them for the first time in the city I am living, I didn’t give too much thought about it before I ended up booking tickets for me and for a friend of mine. I already knew that that night would remain in my heart as a unique experience. I was about to listen some of the most amazing and influential songs in the history of rock! 

And I did! The performance of the band was outstanding and Ian Gillan, even though he is 72 years old, his voice hadn’t changed a bit! The whole band proved  beyond any doubt, that when they rock they ROCK!! 

On top of that, Europe was the support band so I also got the chance to listen live to songs like “The final countdown” “Rock the Night”, “Carrie” etc.

Europe setlist:

Walk the Earth, The Siege, Rock the Night, Last Look at Eden, Election Day, Superstitious, Carrie, Scream of Anger, War of Kings, Hole in My Pocket, Days of Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Final Countdown

Deep Purple setlist:

Time for Bedlam, Fireball, Bloodsucker, All I Got Is You, Uncommon Man, The Surprising, Lazy (Preceded by Keyboard solo), Birds of Prey, Knocking at Your Back Door, Keyboard Solo, Perfect Strangers, Space Truckin’,    Smoke on the Water,
Peter Gunn, Hush, Black Night

The Long Goodbye Tour is in support for their 20th studio album, Infinite.

Until next time ♥