Beautiful Chania

Beautiful Chania

Beautiful Chania.

My origins are from beautiful Chania in Crete. Even though I have been there for so many times in the past, I always have the desire to come back. Chania is the second largest city of Crete and it lies along the west north coast of the island.

The entire island is really well known and beloved by lots of tourists from the whole world. It is said (and I totally agree) that Chania is the most beautiful city of Crete and one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the rich cultural background make this city irresistible!

And there is more! The regional unit of Chania, has lots of famous beaches that have been voted between amongst the best in the world. Some of them are: Elafonissi beach, Kedrodasos beach, Falassarna beach, Balos beach… and those are only the top!

Well… there are so many things and places I could say and go on for ever! Soon, I will post things to do and see in Chania.

But for the moment, I will show you some photos of the city of Chania I took, while I was there, the last time I visited: