Arch Points Escape

Arch Points Escape

Arch Points Escape.

Arch Points has been created by a group of young people in order to promote the activity of young Greek Architects having in common a theme: the #escape.

So, throughout an event that had been created by Arch Points, the past weekend, we have been invited to visit 17 different architectural offices, each one with a specific character, in various neighbours of the city center, in order to present us their work and discuss their #escape.

At the same time, 5 young Architect Theorists created 5 different architecture oriented tours, revealing the secret corners of the urban city. I could join their event only on Sunday, May 15th. I participated in 2 architectural oriented tours and I visited 6 architectural offices that belong to young architects.

The meeting point was the front door of the First Cemetery of Athens in Mets area at 12:00.

From an artistic point of view, the First Cemetery of Athens is the largest outdoor collection of funerary sculptural works of contemporary Greece.

Almost all the sculptors of the 19th and the 20th century were represented with sculptures of marble and metal. That is the reason it was on the “Watch” list of monuments in danger in 2012 of the World Monuments Fund. It is has also been added to the list of Significant Cemeteries.

We visited some famous tombs, such as the The Sleeping Female Figure of Giannoulis Chalepas, at the tomb of Sofia Afentaki,  the Tomb of Greek poet Giorgos Seferis that has been designed by Architect Aris Konstantinidis, the Georgoulas family Tombs, the Mausoleum of Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, Mausoleum of Christakis Zografos, poet Kostas Varnalis Tomb, Michael Tositsas Tomb, George Averoff Tomb etc.

After the cemetery we walked through Koukaki area and we visited a total of 3 architectural offices.

The next architectural tour was starting at 16:00 and the meeting point was Syntagma Square. The route we followed was 1 architectural office at Syntagma, the National Park of Athens and 2 architectural offices in Pangrati area.

The result was 6:30 hours of walking. It was interesting though, not only because you get to see the city from a different perspective but also because of the excitement and the participation of people. (There were many of us, mostly Architects and Archeologists).

Until next time ♥